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How To Set-up Whitelabel

Setting up your Whitelabel account that allows you to customize and resell Audiostudio to others who register under you as Team Members is straightforward. Follow the steps below to learn how to set up Whitelabel in Audiostudio.

STEP 1: You have to log in to your Cpanel and click on DNS Zone EditorĀ 

STEP 2: click CNAME Record under your domain


STEP 3: Then enter Name (I Am going to use sound for this example) and the CNAME which in this case is sn1.audiostudio.cc and click on Add A CNAME Record

STEP 4: Proceed to your Audiostudio dashboard and click on Whitelabel

STEP 5: Fill in the spaces you find. I have created an example in the screenshot below.

  • Enter App Name
  • Custom Domain (Which in this example is >>>sound.meetgist.com
  • Select App Primary Color
  • Select App Secondary Color
  • Support Address
  • Support URL
  • And your App Logo

STEP 6: Click on Save

STEP 6: Checkout your domain in your browser which in this case is >>>sound.meetgist.com and it should be up. Note: It will require some time to propagate throughout the network.

You can now proceed to fill in other details

Updated on November 24, 2022

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