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How To Start A Project From Scratch


Starting your project from scratch is a feature in Audiostudio that allows you create your own unique project. Here’s how you can make use of this feature;

In case you do not know how to create a project a project, here is how to do so

STEP 1: From the drop-down that pops up when you click +create new project, select Start from Scratch

STEP 2: Enter your Audio Name, The audio name is anything you want your project to be saved as

STEP 3: Select your preferred language from the abundance of languages that comes with AudioStudio. Once you click on the select language drop-down, you will see all the languages and you can select one.

STEP 4: Select any of the voices that come with the language you have chosen

STEP 5: You can decide to preview the selected voice to see how it sounds before proceeding by clicking on the preview button

STEP 6: Then you can proceed to enter your text in the space provided. You can enter as much text according to your project. Or you can take advantage of Audiostudio Script Ai to help you create a well scripted text to use. Here is how to use Audiostudio Script Ai

STEP 7: You can proceed to listen to your project by clicking on the Listen button

STEP 8: After listening to your project you can proceed to add it to the timeline by clicking on the Add To Timeline button. Click here to know how to add music track to your project on the timeline

Updated on November 18, 2022

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