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How To Use Our Script Ai

Using Audiostudio Script Ai can make creating your project very easy and enjoyable. All you have to do is read the question by our Ai assistant and give your reply and we will create everything from the answers provided.

STEP 1: You can access the feature by either clicking on Projects by the left sidebar, and then clicking on create project and then clicking on Use Script Ai option from the drop-down or you can easily clicking on Use Script Ai on the home dashboard

STEP 2: You can proceed to select your preferred language

STEP 3: Select the tone you will love to use

STEP 4: Select the objective of your project

STEP 5: Enter the keywords of your business. You can type your answer in the space provided. You can enter more than one keyword by separating them with a comma

STEP 6: Select the level of creativity

STEP 7: Select variants

STEP 8: Immediately our Script Ai will create a well-scripted text that you can use in your project. And all you have to do is click on USEĀ 

STEP 9: Once you click on USE, your text will be taken to help you create a project and all you have to do is enter your audio name, select your preferred language, and choose the voice you want to use and your text will be converted to speech. immediately. you can proceed to Listen to it, Add it to the timeline, add music or sounds, and save and export it to your computer. Click here to know how more about how to do all these

Updated on November 24, 2022

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